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Making Some Noise: Harley-Davidson Scored an OMA Award for Premium Audio Display

We're coming to you live from Austin at Shop! MarketPlace 2023. It's great to see the retail design industry come together to discuss the latest trends and innovations. We'll be sharing our favorite show moments in our upcoming recap. In the meantime, drumroll please…

We are delighted to announce Innovative has picked up an OMA Award for our Harley-Davidson Custom Audio Display. We would like to express our appreciation to this year's judges, the Shop! Association, and especially to our client, Harley-Davidson. You can read more about this award-winning display below.

Harley-Davidson needed a retail experience that could demonstrate the jaw-dropping power of fully custom audio. The previous experience was clunky-at-best, with dealerships having to fire up two bikes - one with a custom audio system and one with a stock audio system - to show the difference in sound quality.

The Ask: Create an eye-catching, ear-catching, interactive experience housed within a display that fits today's Harley-Davidson brand.

The Solution: A 15.6" touchscreen allows consumers to navigate the experience (guided by LEDs to highlight the product being demonstrated). Once the user hears the difference between stock and fully-custom audio, they're sold! They can then navigate saddlebag and grille options and select speakers that best fit their ride.

“This has been a successful program for us,” says the Retail Environment Manager at Harley-Davidson. "Not only are we seeing an uptick in sales, our dealers are grateful we've been able to streamline the demo process and couldn't be happier with the ease of use for associates and consumers alike."



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