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TREND REPORT: Vertical Lines Dominate at the Inspired Home Show!

We're back from our cross-town visit to the Inspired Home Show in Chicago, and it was nothing short of inspiring! From cutting-edge gadgets to elegant home décor, the show was a treasure trove of creativity and innovation. The show did not disappoint as we immersed ourselves in the latest trends shaping the world of housewares.

As specialists in retail design, we understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve when it comes to design trends. That's why events like the Inspired Home Show are invaluable to us. Housewares are a perfect confluence of form and function. Exploring these shows allows us to keep our finger on the pulse of the latest trends and provides us with fresh insights and ideas that we can incorporate into our clients' projects.


Trend Spotted! At Innovative Marketing, we're constantly inspired by the beautiful things we see in the world around us. The Inspired Home Show was no exception. As we wandered through the aisles, soaking in the creativity and craftsmanship on display, we couldn't help but feel a surge of inspiration.

One trend that particularly caught our attention was the prevalence of vertical lines in various houseware designs. From kitchenware to furniture pieces, these sleek and stylish vertical lines added a touch of sophistication and modernity to every product they adorned.



Why Vertical Lines?

Vertical lines have always been associated with elegance and refinement in design. They create a sense of height and strength, instantly drawing the eye upward and adding a dynamic visual element to any space. In housewares, the use of vertical lines not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also brings a sense of balance and harmony to the overall design.

Stay Tuned for More

As we return from the Inspired Home Show, our heads are buzzing with ideas and inspiration. We are so pleased to share our insights with you and continue to push the boundaries of design innovation.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and let's make an impact at retail!




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