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The objective was to design and produce a "paint product" merchandiser that would assist store personnel with product information and that customers could use to confidently purchase the right paint for the right project. This required navigating customers through 17 different products spread over three product categories available in 16 different sheen levels, at different price points and all with specific product features and attributes.

The display had to be easy-to-shop by customers.

  • The solution had to be easy-to-set up and install by unskilled store personnel.

  • The unit had to be super easy-to-update when product changes occur

  • The presentation had to look clean, neat, timeless and elegant.

  • Finally, the solution had to offer some degree of interactivity, but could not be a "powered" interactive display.

The Paint Advisor display was designed to be a companion merchandiser to the adjacent ColorSnap Color Selector display in Sherwin-Williams stores. The goal was to play off of the color selector's styling, but add charm, elegance by making the informational panels "float" off the gondola's structure. This provided an "airy, light feeling" reminiscent of upscale cosmetic displays. NOTE: The color-selection process when buying paint is heavily weighted toward female shoppers.

The header maintained the same sight lines as the ColorSnap display and provided downlighting to provide better viewing and visual drama.

All graphic elements are easy-to-update and are held in place in vac-forms that provide a locator position.

Product features and benefits are all aligned in vertical columns that segment the three categories of paint: Interior, Trim & Specialty, and Exterior. Shoppers can quickly and independently select product by category and drill down quickly to identify which product makes sense using the mini paint cans and their key benefit statements below each can. Product features and benefits are organized in a simple "check chart" which quickly "rates" the products.

Pricing is neatly organized in columns and the ‘once complicated decision tree’ is simplified.

The "LIFT TO VIEW SHEENS" tab entices customers to flip up the panel to witness how the store's ambient lighting bounces off the sheen samples and to see how the product's gloss level responds to light. The display only requires a screwdriver to assemble and an online video helped make this implementation easy at store level.

The display was launched to the public and to over 5,000 Sherwin-Williams employees at the January 2020 Sales Meeting held in Orlando, FL with rave reviews. Store managers and Sherwin-Williams Management were thrilled with the solution, which was a significant departure from boring paint-product displays of the past.

Stores were anxious to get their displays set up, and field feedback was extremely positive regarding the program's overall implementation. As customers are starting to return to in-store shopping, the display's selling ability is being fully realized. Paint sales at Sherwin-Williams have been at record highs and the Paint Advisor display has played a key role in kicking sales into overdrive.

About the OMA (Outstanding Merchandising Achievement) Awards:

The OMA awards competition recognizes in-store marketing programs that create a memorable experience and motivate consumers to purchase products while lifting sales.

The OMA competition honors the best-of-the-best from marketing and promotions at GlobalShop, held this year in Chicago, IL. After a two-round judging process, displays are awarded Gold, Silver, and Bronze Statuettes by a distinguished panel of judges composed of marketing professionals representing brands, retailers and ad agencies from around the globe. The top point-of-purchase companies are recognized at the Annual OMA Dinner and Celebration.

About Innovative Marketing Solutions:

Innovative designs and produces point-of-purchase displays and merchandising programs that drive sales and excite customers! Recognized as an industry leader, clients continually challenge us to create and execute in-store solutions that set their products apart from the competition. Looking for outstanding creative, world-class service, and focused solutions? Choose Innovative!

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