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Sherwin-Williams was introducing their very best, top-of-the-line paint, Emerald. This new product would be available in both interior and exterior paint lines. The interior paint would be offered in a new, select palette of colors - the most refined collection that when applied, would offer stunning results.

The new exterior paint line would feature a revolutionary new technology that would allow rain to wash away dirt, while offering exceptional durability and UV protection.

As new paint products, the display needed to showcase the new can and label designs.

The objective was to utilize upscale materials and be elegant. It also needed to tie into the overall paint presentation in store and be a companion merchandiser to the new Paint Advisor display that utilized rich, silver/metallic supports and floating, airy graphic panels.

Finally, the displays had to be easy-to-assemble since Sherwin-Williams store personnel were responsible for putting it together

The Work:

The winning design features both interior and exterior products equally spaced on one end cap. The interior’s product presentation features the five color cards/brochures and leans heavily on the product’s “designer attributes” and superior quality. The exterior paint’s story is communicated visually using simple, easy-to-understand graphics that detail the durability and Rain Refresh technology. The design specifically includes an airy structure that supports the floating graphics and gives the presentation a cosmetic feel. Actual, one-gallon cans are featured on floating shelves as “heroes.”

To make the setup easy, the metal structure was shipped pre-assembled with the graphics in place. The vertical wood back panel and metal base shelf cover were simple to install in seconds. The remainder of the display components could be installed using only a screwdriver. A how-to video was included so store personnel could watch a quick assembly tutorial prior to starting the installation.

The results:

The Emerald End Deck display was unveiled to the public and to Sherwin-Williams store personnel at the 2020 Sales Meeting with rave reviews. This is the first time paint was sold in Sherwin-Williams stores for over $100 per gallon! The display’s rich styling and sleek design elements stood out in-store and attracted the attention it demanded. Sales for the new paint line, while confidential, exceeded expectations.Consumers and contractors reported that the display’s appearance reassured them that the product’s positioning as “premium” was fulfilled. Store personnel gave the overall assembly process extremely high marks for simplicity and “execution ease.” The how-to assembly video was a big benefit, too.

About the OMA (Outstanding Merchandising Achievement) Awards:

The OMA awards competition recognizes in-store marketing programs that create a memorable experience and motivate consumers to purchase products while lifting sales. The OMA competition honors the best-of-the-best from marketing and promotions at GlobalShop, held this year in Chicago, IL. After a two-round judging process, displays are awarded Gold, Silver, and Bronze Statuettes by a distinguished panel of judges composed of marketing professionals representing brands, retailers and ad agencies from around the globe. The top point-of-purchase companies are recognized at the Annual OMA Dinner and Celebration.

About Innovative Marketing Solutions:

Innovative designs and produces point-of-purchase displays and merchandising programs that drive sales and excite customers! Recognized as an industry leader, clients continually challenge us to create and execute in-store solutions that set their products apart from the competition. Looking for outstanding creative, world-class service, and focused solutions? Choose Innovative!

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