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DRIVING INNOVATION: Highlights from the 2023 Auto Show

The Chicago Auto Show is one of the largest and most anticipated automotive events in North America. The 2023 edition did not disappoint, as automakers from around the world unveiled their latest designs and technologies to the public. Take a closer look at some of the most exciting vehicles and trends that caught our attention. Whether you're a car enthusiast or simply interested in the latest automotive innovations, this recap will give you a glimpse into the future of the industry.

Hyundai caught our attention right away with this large, illuminated display.

Corvette created interest with small model cars showcasing available colors.

Lexus balanced the industrial car look with organic, wood elements.

We loved looking at all the historical Auto Show posters from past years.

Kia’s interactive experience used gesture-recognition technology, which allowed visitors to touchlessly browse the different car models and scenes.

Honda’s exhibit featured recycled materials such as old seatbelts and jeans.

Toyota had one of the largest footprints at the show – it had multiple areas with games for kids, photo booths, car driving simulators, and a driving track featuring trees and dirt to look realistic.

Riding in the Jeep was very exciting! A professional driver took us up and down stairs, on a 45-degree angle, on a dirt road, and really demonstrated the vehicle’s capabilities.

Subaru’s exhibit was one of the most memorable of the show. The immersive experience featured cars rotating on an oversized screen displaying videos of national parks. Subaru also had an area where people could play with puppies or walk along a bridge overlooking the exhibit.



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