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CES 2024 Unveils the Future in Vegas!

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 displayed a dazzling array of the latest tech trends and innovations. Join us as we explore some of the main highlights of CES!


CES boasted a lively atmosphere with a massive attendance of 130,000 people over four days. Despite a slight decline in the number of brands, the event captured the spirited vibe reminiscent of  Vegas pre-COVID. Weather challenges prompted many brands to leave early bringing unexpected twists to the overall experience.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) was visible everywhere at CES and integrated into various channels. Attendees witnessed firsthand how humans are gradually being replaced with "predictive reasoning." It's fascinating to observe AI further integrating into daily chores like cleaning pools and mowing lawns. Our team got a glimpse of a future where automation will enhance our daily lives, leaving us with more time for meaningful pursuits. This not only showcases the adaptability of AI but also hints at a landscape where smart technologies seamlessly blend with our everyday chores, making life more convenient and efficient.

Last year, many brands focused on building the personal charging grid for electrification, but this has been largely scrapped. Now everyone is in a race to build and own the commercial charging infrastructure.

Chinese brands took the spotlight, constituting over half of the brands at the show and dominating the floor space, reflecting their growing influence in real-world production.

Motocompacto took center stage at the Honda booth among Honda's lineup of electric vehicles. The future of transportation is unmistakably electric, with innovations like cars seamlessly transforming into helicopters. Imagine skipping Uber and ordering your personal autonomous helicopter. While the idea is exciting, the trust factor raises eyebrows. Dive into the jaw-dropping pictures to decide for yourself. Hyundai also made waves with a car that danced its way into the hearts of attendees in the West Hall. Beyond its stylish appearance, the car's ability to move in any direction makes parking a seamless experience. Catch it in action here.

GE Profile wowed guests at the Venetian Expo with their small appliances and the all-in-one washer/dryer combo, offering a glimpse into the future of smart and efficient home appliances. LG showcased frameless screens that redefine cool. Are they windows, monitors, or both? These futuristic displays push the boundaries of technology, leaving attendees in awe. In a world where technology evolves at an unprecedented pace, CES 2024 provided a glimpse into a future where AI, electric vehicles, and innovative gadgets continue to shape our lives.



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