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A Culture of Exploration: How NeoCon and Industry Shows Drive Innovation

At Innovative, NeoCon has become more than just an event—it's a tradition. Every year, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the vibrant atmosphere of The Merchandise Mart, a unique design hub unlike any other in the world. And we're fortunate enough to have it right in the heart of Chicago.

As our team continues to grow and expand, we recognize the importance of investing in professional development. That's why we make it a priority to instill the significance of ongoing design education and the value of drawing inspiration from new trends and industry shows. Outlined below are three distinct design trends we noticed at NeoCon this week!

The Resurgence of Curves

The prevalence of arches and curved lines made a striking impression, a design trend that echoed throughout both KBIS and Inspired Home Show as well. These graceful curves seemed to intertwine seamlessly with various displays, imparting a sense of fluidity and elegance to the showcased rooms.

Exploring Interactive and Welcoming Designs

Each exhibit boasted a variety of interactive designs, from vibrant neon signs that popped, to faux greenery that created a welcoming atmosphere along with activities such as sketching and painting that engaged each audience member.

Sustainability in Design

Sustainable materials had a strong presence again this year, exemplified by soundproof walls, light fixtures, and ceilings. These eco-friendly materials not only promote environmental responsibility but also help to create cozy, intimate spaces through their soundproofing qualities.


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