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There's a new kid on the block.

Amazon Fresh just opened its second Chicago-area store minutes away from Innovative Marketing Solutions' HQ.

The 45,000-square-foot store opened at 16 E. Golf Road in Schaumburg, in a former Babies 'R' Us space. The store includes checkout-free Dash Carts and voice-enabled Alexa terminals scattered throughout the store.

Our creative department decided to welcome the online shopping behemoth to the neighborhood by paying them a visit to try out their high-tech shopping experience.

Let's explore some of our key take-aways from our trip!

  • Amazon emphasizes “FRESH” via gigantic overhead signage/typography – “FRESH Kitchen” “Welcome to FRESH Schaumburg”

  • There is a lot of reference to Alexa throughout the store with the “Ask Alexa” kiosks placed in a handful of areas and the signage telling customers that “grocery shopping is easier with Alexa.”

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  • Large screen TVs overhead are angled towards the shoppers below with loops of product/brand advertising.

  • The Customer Service, Returns & Pickup Area is very similar to Home Depot or some of Walmart’s “quick pick-up” lockers.

  • All price tags are “digital e-ink”.

  • The tech bar near Customer Service is very similar to the “Amazon 4 Star Store” at Oakbrook mall – and also reminiscent of the Smart Home area in Home Depot or a Best Buy.

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  • Styling throughout is very clean and modern – featuring a lot of black and white mixed with gray wood and perforated metal texture.

  • The Amazon Fresh brand is very understated, and the logo is used very sparingly throughout the store.

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  • It looks like end-cap headers for products are designed within the Amazon color palette, but only feature the logos of the product.

  • End-cap space is reserved for products that have classic, clean & iconic packaging design- the brands & products themselves pop against the black fixtures.

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All and all, the design and experience seem very clean and seamless- like most brand new stores!

We're curious to see if they can keep their product facing game as on point as it currently is for the long term!