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Updated: May 19

Rockford Fosgate's objective was to create an unparalleled consumer experience demonstrating their marine audio line while prominently featuring and safeguarding their brand. Additionally, the display solution had to be modular to adapt to future product rollouts. The marine display is 1 of 5 displays in a family of solutions for Rockford Fosgate. This display is shipped both domestically and internationally.

Innovative first created a permanent home for the brand message, one that would be impossible for another brand to borrow and repurpose. We then created thermoformed panels that segment and hold the different pieces of product technology that work together to create the total user experience.

The segmentation of this display allows for updates and replacements of individual parts, meaning that Rockford Fosgate can replace a small panel without having to invest in an entirely new display. This display utilizes wood cabinetry with sealed enclosures and a custom wiring harness that connects all of the components and drives the audio experience. Stainless steel panels double as an architectural material and a surface on which to mount magnetic lifestyle graphics. The panels are backlit with LED's in the Rockford color palette. A backlit Rockford Fosgate diamond "R" logo shines prominently at the top of the display.

About the OMA (Outstanding Merchandising Achievement) Awards:

The OMA awards competition recognizes in-store marketing programs that create a memorable experience and motivate consumers to purchase products while lifting sales.

The OMA competition honors the best-of-the-best from marketing and promotions at GlobalShop, held this year in Chicago, IL. After a two-round judging process, displays are awarded Gold, Silver, and Bronze Statuettes by a distinguished panel of judges composed of marketing professionals representing brands, retailers and ad agencies from around the globe. The top point-of-purchase companies are recognized at the Annual OMA Dinner and Celebration.

About Innovative Marketing Solutions:

Innovative designs and produces point-of-purchase displays and merchandising programs that drive sales and excite customers! Recognized as an industry leader, clients continually challenge us to create and execute in-store solutions that set their products apart from the competition. Looking for outstanding creative, world-class service, and focused solutions? Choose Innovative!

For more information, visit: www.innovativemarketing.com or email us at: BuildMyBrand@innovativemarketing.com

Updated: Apr 26

Amazon Fresh just opened its second Chicago-area store minutes away from Innovative Marketing Solutions' HQ.

The 45,000-square-foot store opened at 16 E. Golf Road in Schaumburg, in a former Babies 'R' Us space. The store includes checkout-free Dash Carts and voice-enabled Alexa terminals scattered throughout the store.

Our creative department decided to welcome the online shopping behemoth to the neighborhood by paying them a visit to try out their high-tech shopping experience.

Let's explore some of our key take-aways from our trip!

  • Amazon emphasizes “FRESH” via gigantic overhead signage/typography – “FRESH Kitchen” “Welcome to FRESH Schaumburg”

  • There is a lot of reference to Alexa throughout the store with the “Ask Alexa” kiosks placed in a handful of areas and the signage telling customers that “grocery shopping is easier with Alexa.”

(click to view)

  • Large screen TVs overhead are angled towards the shoppers below with loops of product/brand advertising.

  • The Customer Service, Returns & Pickup Area is very similar to Home Depot or some of Walmart’s “quick pick-up” lockers.

  • All price tags are “digital e-ink”.

  • The tech bar near Customer Service is very similar to the “Amazon 4 Star Store” at Oakbrook mall – and also reminiscent of the Smart Home area in Home Depot or a Best Buy.

(click to view)

  • Styling throughout is very clean and modern – featuring a lot of black and white mixed with gray wood and perforated metal texture.

  • The Amazon Fresh brand is very understated, and the logo is used very sparingly throughout the store.

(click to view)

  • It looks like end-cap headers for products are designed within the Amazon color palette, but only feature the logos of the product.

  • End-cap space is reserved for products that have classic, clean & iconic packaging design- the brands & products themselves pop against the black fixtures.

(click to view)

All and all, the design and experience seem very clean and seamless- like most brand new stores!

We're curious to see if they can keep their product facing game as on point as it currently is for the long term!

Updated: Apr 15

Unsure of what you can do to help your displays adapt to an omnichannel future?

Innovative designs displays that meld the physical with the digital.

We have experience designing, maintaining and servicing retail displays utilizing interactive touch screens and sensor technology to create an unparalleled retail experience.

We support our clients in the pre-prototype phase of design with:

  • Interactive 3D Models

  • Custom AR Visualization

  • Before & After Animations

We service our clients' digital components with:

  • System health pings

  • Remote content management

  • Data analysis & capture

  • Client reporting

We maintain our clients physical components with our customizable client portal which includes:

  • Order spare and replacement parts

  • Talk to a “Live” Customer Service Representative

  • Inquire about order status

  • Check/verify project timing (Gantt charts)

  • View levels of finished goods produced and in inventory

  • Follow up on customer orders and shipping status