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Lowe's Color Wall

The objective was to consolidate two distinct paint brands (Valspar and HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams) into one cohesive category presentation, while allowing each brand to have its own character and identity. The overall goal was to have this presentation act as a “beacon” to attract attention and draw consumers into the paint department at Lowe’s. Bold, eye-catching colors and graphics grab shoppers as they enter the store.

The “Color Wall” is crowned with a dramatic “tidal wave graphic” that blends the two logos into one seamless, flowing brand statement. Each brand is then supported and delineated by a 16-ft.-long sub header graphic featuring a freshly-painted room scene along with a thoughtful tagline to inspire DIYers. Color palettes are positioned below and segmented for maximum visual impact while allowing customers to quickly and easily find the perfect color for their project. The entire organization of each color presentation is balanced to reinforce the overall unity of the Color Wall.

The 32-ft.-long display was designed to maximize the overall ROI and efficiency of the program’s execution. All of the Color Wall’s elements ship on just two oversized skids, thus saving money on freight. Each component was engineered to be easily assembled in-store and replaceable over time should something become worn or damaged by shoppers.

Base drawers provide color chip and literature storage along with detailed graphic inserts to facilitate inventory organization and easy restocking. All graphic panels can be individually updated making this investment both flexible and cost-effective for the long haul.

Tweezerman Ulta Floor Display

Some displays improve on the visual presentation and branding, while other displays improve on the merchandising effectiveness and flexibility. The Tweezerman Ulta Illuminated Floor Display does both! Designed for Ulta stores, this single display solution accommodates two different inline fixture heights and converts from 48-inches tall to 54-inches tall.

The vertical signage on the left side can be removed in the 48-inch configuration, allowing more space for product merchandising. In the 54-inch configuration, the left vertical graphic remains, highlighting key item benefits.

The display is made from durable steel and features a glossy acrylic outer shell that represents the Tweezerman brand. The inside was finished in white and illuminated to make the retail packages pop off the shelf. Channel strips flip up so that the retail information is on the outside and the ULTA, UPC, and inventory tags are on the inside.

About the OMA (Outstanding Merchandising Achievement) Awards:

The OMA awards competition recognizes in-store marketing programs that create a memorable experience and motivate consumers to purchase products while lifting sales.

After a two-round judging process, displays are awarded Gold, Silver, and Bronze Statuettes by a distinguished panel of judges composed of marketing professionals representing brands, retailers, and ad agencies from around the globe. The top point-of-purchase companies are recognized at the Annual OMA Dinner and Celebration.

About Innovative Marketing Solutions:

Innovative designs and produces point-of-purchase displays and merchandising programs that drive sales and excite customers! Recognized as an industry leader, clients continually challenge us to create and execute in-store solutions that set their products apart from the competition. Looking for outstanding creative, world-class service, and focused solutions? Choose Innovative!

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